What to Do to Take Care your Wood Floor

What to Do to Take Care your Wood Floor


Wood is a favorite material for furniture and interior design elements. Besides having beautiful fiber and color, wood can bring a warm and natural atmosphere.

Use of wood floors for floor coverings is only applied to public spaces. Some rooms in the interior design of the house such as sitting bedrooms and living rooms are now starting to use wooden floors for floor coverings. This is also applied in other private spaces that require interior elements that support a warm impression.

Wood floors have moisture properties that are easy and absorb water easier so the dirt and dust are harder to clean and make the wood floors have a little resistance against electrostatic charges. However, you can get the best quality wooden floors provided in the UK’s leading flooring site. As example, there is Quick-Step Flooring type that featuring a permanent antistatic layer to protect flooring against electrostatic charges. Floors are manufactured using several layers of wood in perfect harmony with each other. This process makes the floor resistant to damage due to the behavior of wood which usually arises due to changes in humidity and temperature. In addition, the use of high quality raw materials provides good stability to the floor.

And this article will give you tips on how to take care of the following wooden floors:


  1. Sweep regularly

Since it absorbs water and dust easier, you have to make sure to sweep and clean the parquet floor routinely so that dust and dirt don’t stick too long. Use a broom with soft hair or use a vacuum cleaner to clean it will help your work easier when cleaning the parquet floor.


  1. Floor board

After sweeping the floor, continue with mopping. Previously, make sure whether the wood has a layer or not. You can varnish or wax as the layer.

If the wooden floor has a waterproof coating, you should mix the cleanser with warm water. Choose cleaners that have good quality. Add a mop and squeeze until there is little water left. Wipe the floor in a circular motion, then dry it with a clean cloth.


  1. Choose a mop with the right ingredients

To maintain the durability of wood floors, choose a mop that uses good quality cotton. When mopping, squeeze the mop firmly, don’t let the cloth get too wet.


  1. Mop the floor

After using a wet mop or slightly wet, use a mop with a clean and dry cloth. Choose a cotton mop that has good quality. When mopping, squeeze your mop firmly, don’t let the wet cloth get too wet. Packing must be done twice, the first in the mop using a damp cloth or slightly wet, and the second with a clean dry cloth.

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