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7 Ways to Make Your Small Apartment Look Bigger

7 Ways to Make Your Small Apartment Look Bigger

By Alexander Harris, editor at SpareFoot.com

The average size of new apartments in America has been shrinking for the last ten years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live large in a tiny space.

If you are feeling cramped inside your mid-rise rental, don’t fret. There are several ways that you can optimize your living space to give yourself more room and feel less boxed in.

Figure 1 Small apartments can look spacious

1. Reassess Your Furniture Choices.

Perhaps that oversized farmhouse dining table isn’t the best fit for your space. Same goes for that chunky sectional. If you are living in a tiny space, it is important to choose appropriate sized furniture. Pick narrow and sleek pieces that will give you plenty of room to move around between pieces, and leave some empty space along your walls. Furniture that is lower to the ground can help instill a sensation of openness, as opposed to decorating with taller pieces. Another trick is to use Lucite or glass top tables that are transparent to create a more open look.

2. Declutter Everything.

One reason you might feel cramped in is all of the random items taking over your apartment. Too many picture frames, drapes and other decorative items can easily overcrowd your environment. Sort through your décor and personal items and keep only the things you really need and love. If you don’t have room for everything you want you can store some stuff away until you get a bigger place. Anything you don’t want donate or sell quickly.

3. Master the Balance Between Light and Dark.

General speaking you will want to favor light colors over dark colors when choosing furniture and decorative items. Dark colors absorb light and can make your space look visually cramped. When in doubt, opt for white pieces that will serve to create a greater sense of openness.

4. Seek Smart Storage Solutions.

Find furniture that also serves to increase your storage space. For example, use storage ottomans to keep extra blankets, pillows or board games out of sight when not in use. Try a wall-mounted desk that folds up when not in use, or a bed frame that has built in drawers. The more functional furniture you can incorporate the better.

5. Cut Corners and Go Round.

One way to trick your mind into feeling like you live in a bigger apartment is to use more round furniture. Square pieces with sharp corners create a sense of boundaries and can make you feel closed in if you use too many. Mix it up and add round tables and curvy chairs to your design to create more flowing energy in your rooms.

6. Look in the Mirror.

It might be the oldest trick in the book, but it actually works. Hanging mirrors on your walls in a few locations can really open things up. The added depth and light will truly maximize the appearance of space.

7. Go Easy on Textiles.

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